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Android DeveloperAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Tech LeadAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands

About us

NOWATCH is a health innovation company with a mission to help people navigate the increasingly fast-paced world of technology. Our flagship product, the NOWATCH X Awareable, is the first wearable device to measure a cortisol proxy, predicting stress response and restoring balance for complete mind and body wellbeing. We operate our business to use it as a force for good.

NOWATCH pioneers in the wearable market with new algorithms and sensors that can predict stress an hour in advance. Our hardware and software solution is part of a large and growing wearable industry. NOWATCH is backed by strong investors and has teams in Amsterdam (NL), Oulu (Finland), Santa Barbara (USA) and Jaipur (INDIA).

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Our values

In our culture, we thrive on diversity, open communication and quality. In everything we do we adhere to our three company values:

  • Seek balance

  • Celebrate and nurture life on earth

  • Shifting minds and culture

Our hiring policy

Prioritize talent and cultural fit over work experience

Value diversity as a strength

Strive for a swift and transparent process

Meet your colleagues

Daniel Acutt

Creative Director

Michiel de Koning

Partnerships & Events

Charley Dirksen

Operations Director

Gemma Gelano

Design & Architect

Selina Horning

Customer Care & Success

Clara Kearns

HR, Finance & Legal

Tessa Lippmann

Partnerships & Ambassadors

Tim Manschot


Hylke Muntinga


Jeroen Rietveld

Tech & Data

Akville Varnelyte


Lennart Zegerius


How we hire

Our hiring process is thorough, to ensure we make the right decision and to help you to decide if we're the right fit for you.

Getting to know you

In the first call, the director report or a close colleague will learn about you and your story to check a potential fit to NOWATCH. This is also a chance for you to ask first questions about the role and company.

First interview

In this face-to-face meeting with your direct report, we will dive deeper into your experience, skills, and talents. And of course, there's plenty of room to ask your questions.

Second interview

Depending on the role, there will be a second interview. To dive deeper into the role, go over an assignment and/or to meet other members of the (leadership)team.

Final chat

You made it to the last stage! During this meeting, you will get to see other members of the team. We will go over the final details of our future relationship.

Open positions

Android DeveloperAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Tech LeadAmsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands