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Customer Care & Success Specialist

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsOperations

Job description

As a Customer Care & Success Specialist, you are the first point of contact for our (potential) customers. You handle all incoming cases through various digital channels and proactively scan for comments and feedback on review sites and forums. You know how important it is to store all customer communication in one centralized place and are familiar with CRM software like Salesforce. Besides that, you support the Customer Care Lead by improving existing processes and you give suggestions on improvements and can help implement them.

Responsibilities and duties

  • You provide support to our (potential) customers through various digital channels, like email, webchat, and Social Media platforms.
    • You will represent our customers in internal conversations and decisions

    • You are always up to date on the latest information about our product and company

    • You have a very positive attitude and can build rapport with (potential) customers easily over various channels

    • You talk to our customers on an inclusive manner while continually keeping our company culture and mission in mind

  • You are responsible for troubleshooting and problem solving for all incoming queries
    • You can flag incoming cases on complaints, know how to escalate them and take ownership in this process

    • You scan different channels for potential complaints and negative feedback

    • You can come up with ideas how to prevent returning complaints

  • You focus on achieving and maintaining SLA’s and Quality on both personal as well as team level
    • You are a real team player and focus on our joined mission

    • You find joy in improving your own skills, whether that may be on quality or quantity level

    • You support the Customer Care team in maintaining a productive and transparent culture

    • You support the Customer Care Lead by being critical when the workload is getting too high, new team members need to be hired, and/or new roles need to be created

  • You focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction
    • You know the ins and outs of the tools (Salesforce, Shopify, or similar) we use on a daily basis

    • You are critical of the existing Reports and Dashboards that are used to measure essential KPIs

    • You help write work instructions/flows so everyone in the team knows what- and how to do their work

    • You make suggestions on how to improve existing processes and can help implement them

  • You contribute to keeping our Knowledge Base updated
    • You register incorrect information in our Knowledge Base or on published pages such as our homepages or social media.

    • You help write additional articles for the Knowledge Base, based on the incoming questions from our customers. You are hands-on and know where to find the right information within the team.

    • You support the Customer Care Lead in bringing the current Knowledge Base to the next level.

Job requirements

    • You have excellent troubleshooting skills

    • You are capable of working in a fast-paced environment

    • You have a strong initiative, a positive mindset, and are a quick learner

    • You pay attention to detail and have analytical skills

    • You know what it means and how to go the extra mile for our customers

    • You are very structured and organized

    • You like to take ownership of your work

    • European working permit required