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Financial Administrator

Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, NetherlandsFinance

Job description

Company Description

NOWATCH is an Amsterdam-based health innovation company for the curious. By blending cutting-edge technology with the leading science around mental health, we explore the frontiers of wellbeing. The NOWATCH Awareable is our flagship product, and the first step on our journey towards helping people recover from stress quickly and enjoy more meaningful lives – because Time is NOW.

NOWATCH pioneers in the wearable market with new algorithms and sensors. Our hardware and software solution is part of a large and growing wearable industry. NOWATCH is backed by strong investors with teams in Amsterdam (NL), Oulu (Finland), Santa Barbara (USA), Djapur (INDIA).

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Job Description - Financial Administrator

As the Financial Administrator at NOWATCH, you serve as the backbone of our financial operations, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in every transaction. With a meticulous approach to finance and a comprehensive understanding of Dutch financial protocols, you play a pivotal role in streamlining our financial systems and ensuring we remain compliant and ahead in the financial landscape.

Positioned at the intersection of financial management and operations, your expertise guarantees the smooth flow of our financial processes from invoicing to reporting. Through a commitment to accuracy and a sharp attention to detail, you uphold our core values of authenticity, integrity, and trust.

Remember, while this description offers a structured understanding, the evolving nature of NOWATCH demands flexibility and agility. We deeply value your proficiency, diligence, and steadfast commitment and trust you to uphold the high standards that set NOWATCH apart.

Key Responsibilities:

Invoice Management & Processing

  • Efficiently handle the booking and processing of invoices, ensuring accuracy and timely completion.

  • Coordinate closely with internal departments to validate the integrity of every financial transaction.

  • Review and reconcile any discrepancies in invoices, reaching out to vendors or clients for clarifications.

  • Implement automation tools or processes to enhance the efficiency of invoice processing.

Accounts Oversight

  • Manage all aspects of Accounts Payables, ensuring that all outgoing payments to vendors and suppliers are accurate and timely.

  • Handle Accounts Receivables with precision, making sure all incoming payments are recorded correctly and promptly.

Regulatory Liaison & Reporting

  • Collaborate seamlessly with our accountant on quarterly VAT reporting, ensuring all financial records align with Dutch regulations.

  • Assist in the preparation and presentation of monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports, offering insights into financial trends and projections.

  • Stay updated on changes in financial regulations, ensuring NOWATCH remains compliant at all times.

Record Maintenance

  • Maintain an organized, uptodate database of all financial records, ensuring they are auditready and easily retrievable.

  • Establish and uphold a secure backup system for all financial documents, ensuring data redundancy.

  • Continuously evaluate and recommend upgrades or new systems to improve record-keeping efficiency.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

  • Engage proactively with various teams, especially the management and CFO, aligning financial processes with broader business goals and strategies.

Financial Software Expertise

  • Utilize and update our financial systems, such as Exact Online, Basecone, NMBRS, ensuring that we leverage the latest tools and methodologies for efficient financial management.

  • Regularly review and optimize the configuration of financial software for enhanced performance.

  • Recommend and oversee the integration of additional modules or features to better meet the organization's needs.

Communication & Representation

  • Effectively communicate financial data, insights, and strategies, ensuring that NOWATCH’s financial stance is transparent and comprehensible to internal teams and external partners.

Job requirements


    • A Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, or a related field.

    • At least 5 years of experience in financial administration, ideally in a startup or scaleup environment.

    • Proficiency in both Dutch and English, ensuring clear communication across various channels.

    • Familiarity with Dutch financial norms, including VAT reporting mandates.

    • Demonstrated proficiency in financial software tools, like Exact Online, Basecone, NMBRS, and expertise in spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

    • A proven record of meticulous attention to detail, prioritizing accuracy in all financial endeavors.

    • The capability to multitask and adapt in a dynamic, fast paced setting.

    • An established ability to foster collaboration, working seamlessly with cross functional teams.